The war on terror essay

Eight years later, this promise has yet to be fulfilled, and even with the help of many countries globally, the threat of terrorism is still evident more then ever, which questions whether the global war on terror is succeeding. Moreover, to entirely grasp the subject, one must be familiar with the definition of terrorism and it can be defined as an act of violence or threatened violence intended to spread panic in a society, and to bring about political change.

The war on terror essay

The war on terror essay

Since then the foreign policy of the US and UK has been much changed. In the UK it is now legal to hold a terror suspect in jail for over one month without pressing charges, something unheard of in They also claimed that, far from the original goals, the war has made people more fearful, as well as deepening divisions between people of different faiths and origins.

The war on terror essay

The War on Terror has made foreign policy more stringent on people who are of the Islamic faith, and has led to hate between different cultural groups, as well as the downfall of modern human rights.

Many think he is to blame for all of this fear, yet this is not so. This was a reply to a statement Bush made to a graduating class from West Point Military Academy. Even Walter Murphy, a constitutional law scholar at Princeton has criticized Bush for abusing the constitution.

Another shocking discovery is that the Pentagon is watching peace marchers, and thousands have been placed on no-fly lists, which are very hard to get off of War on Terror. Meanwhile, in the UK, legislation has passed to allow terror suspects to be held for forty-two days without charge, lengthening that duration by two weeks Home and dry, just.

Some have even gone so far as to say the War on Terror has led to what could be described as a War on Freedom.

Amnesty International has also claimed that the War on Terror is really a War on Freedom, this claim supported by their ideals of human rights, and the fact that the main forces in the War on Terror are totally ignoring human rights. The Department of Homeland Security was created only for the task of counter-terrorism.

This War on Terror has taken its toll on human rights, and this war looks like it will now be won by which side takes away more freedom from the people. Erosion of Public Freedom The freedom of American citizens is being slowly eroded.

This erosion of freedom has led to a heightened level of fear and security towards terrorists and the American homeland, and has deepened divisions between different cultures, mostly hate felt towards those of Islamic origin. In six years, the number of reported anti-Islamic hate crimes has quintupled, from twenty-eight incidents in to one hundred fifty-six inand victims of hate were Islamic inout of a total of 9, victims FBI.

Others claim this is just common hatred, others would tell you to look at the number of anti-Jewish hate crimes ina number that exceeds one thousand FBI. In reality, however, hate crimes against any religion should be frowned upon, no matter who is being offended.

Conclusion The War on Terror has made the people world feel as is they are in a dangerous place, especially those of Islamic faith, and has created a counter-terrorism oriented foreign policy.

There are a few former world leaders who started the War on Terror, and many organizations that have responded to the reaction of global terrorism, but, above all, the War on Terror has taken away our rights as humans.

This War on Terror really is a War on Freedom. Main ne Allah Ko apney iraadon ke totney se pehchana hay!!CIA activities in the ‘war on terror’ since 11 September attack the so-called extraordinary renditions as well as the secret detention program and the related allegations of torture.

In the years after the declaration of the ‘War on Terror’ in September , the United States Government led the way in constructing a global system of detention outside the law.

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The Battle of Ideas in the War on Terror: Essays on U.S. Public Diplomacy in the Middle East. Robert Satloff. Also available in October On rare occasions -- Algeria in the s, for example -- this battle has devolved into a shooting war.

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More commonly, it is a battle of ideas over how to organize societies. The War on Terror’s background originated through conflicts between warring countries in the Middle East; U.S. involvement started when a terrorist guided plane crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, in New York City.

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The war has also been unsuccessful due to decreasing support for the U.S.-led global war on terrorism. Furthermore, issues such as the United States' true reason for going to war and whether or not the world is a safer place after the invasion of Iraq, have had an impact on the support that countries have for the global war on terrorism.

Introduction: A “War on Terror” is a difficult thing to define, due partly to its vagueness and its unsparing use as a rhetorical device to justify any military action perpetrated by the U.S post-9/