Starting a small horse breeding business plans

Due to this, the business consultant took a strict look at our business and took stock at our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that we were likely to be exposed to here in Dallas — Texas as well as round the United States of America. Also, we sourced for and hired only competent and professional employees who understand the business and are willing to work to ensure that we attain our goals and objectives. We are also strategically located and are easily accessible to all our customers. Finally, our owners, Jack and John McGuire have the necessary experience to ensure that we attain our goals and objectives.

Starting a small horse breeding business plans

Or you need a sample horse breeding business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. If you love horses and just cannot do without going horse riding sometimes, then you may also consider turning your hobby into a money making venture.

If you love being around horses or you love taking care of foals and horses, you can build a horse breading business or a ranch and earn quite a lot of money. What does the horse breeding business really mean? A horse breeding business has to do with training foals until they mature to horses for sale.

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Some of the ways money is made here is by buying foals, training them to maturity and then sell them to people. Some of the ways to make good money from your horse breeding business include the following; hiring out horses after they may have been trained as racing horses in your breed.

starting a small horse breeding business plans

Also, you can make money by hiring out horses to professional horse jockey players. Some horse owners may not have the space and time required to train their personal horses and will not mind paying a ranch to take care of the horses for them.

Your ranch can charge the horse owners weekly or monthly to take care of the horses. How can you start your own horse breeding business you just might ask? Here is a horse breeding business plan and steps required. The best way to get such experience is to work an intern in a ranch; it will help you acquire all the necessary knowledge needed to run your own ranch.

Source for Capital A horse breeding business is a capital intensive business; as you need money to buy or lease a large land space for your ranch.

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The best way to go about raising capital for building a ranch is via a loan from the bank or from an angel investor. Bear in mind that profits do not start to roll in as soon as you start the business because the foals take some years to grow into full grown horses.

So, you need to work out a repayment deal that will allow you enough time to pay up. Lease a Land Space You need enough space to enable you run this business; the horses should be given at least 1, meter square from each other and also there should be enough space for training the horses.

So, look out for a good pasture land to serve as your ranch. If you can build off the property, better; if not you have to ensure that you make a long term agreement with the owner.

You may consider the following when looking for a space; weather condition, source of water, and a ranch site that is free from dangerous animals that may be harmful to the horses 4. Construction the Ranch After, you have chosen a perfect site for your ranch, its time to construct the ranch.

You can employ the services of a building Construction company to handle the project. Remember, that the fencing should be built high enough to prevent the horses from strolling away, or from an authorized person coming to take them away, while the stalls should be warm enough to keep the horses warm during cold nights and also well ventilated.

Purchase All the Required Equipment When your ranch is ready, you need to purchase the equipments you need to take care of the horses before purchasing the horses.BHS Scotland is Scotland's largest equine membership organisation with around members and rising. We have enthusiastic and informed volunteers who help deliver our work throughout Scotland in the areas of access, welfare, safety, competitions, education, exams, riding clubs and more.

Far from the bluegrass, during the fitful Minnesota spring, the arrival of every new crop of foals renews grand dreams for breeders like Scott and Angie Rake.

starting a small horse breeding business plans

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Most Popular Plans in Animal Breeders and Sellers. Horse Training Business Plan Ereidi Farm. A horse breeding business is a capital intensive business; as you need money to buy or lease a large land space for your ranch. You need capital to buy the foals, and they don’t come cheap, as well as equipments to maintain the ranch.

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