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Reading writing arithmetic images

Education in ancient civilization[ edit ] The development of writing[ edit ] Main article: History of Writing Starting in about B.

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In Egypt fully developed hieroglyphs were in use at Abydos as early as B. One hieroglyphic script was used on stone monuments, [4] other cursive scripts were used for writing in ink on papyrus[4] a flexible, paper-like material, made from the stems of reeds that grow in marshes and beside rivers such as the River Nile.

The Phoenician writing system was adapted from the Proto-Canaanite script in around the reading writing arithmetic images century BC, which in turn borrowed ideas from Egyptian hieroglyphics.

This script was adapted by the Greeks. A variant of the early Greek alphabet gave rise to the Etruscan alphabetand its own descendants, such as the Latin alphabet. Other descendants from the Greek alphabet include the Cyrillic scriptused to write Russianamong others. The Phoenician system was also adapted into the Aramaic scriptfrom which the Hebrew script and also that of Arabic are descended.

In Chinathe early oracle bone script has survived on tens of thousands of oracle bones dating from around B. Out of more than written characters in use in China in about BC, as many as are identifiable as the source of later standard Chinese characters.

The earliest inscriptions which are identifiably Maya date to the 3rd century B. In Chinese civilization, in school the children were not allowed to scribble.

They were not to write slanted or sloppy charterers. The Middle East[ edit ] Further information: History of education in ancient Israel and Judah Perhaps the earliest formal school was developed in Egypt's Middle Kingdom under the direction of Kheti, treasurer to Mentuhotep II [3].

In what became Mesopotamiathe early logographic system of cuneiform script took many years to master.

Thus only a limited number of individuals were hired as scribes to be trained in its reading and writing.

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Only royal offspring and sons of the rich and professionals such as scribes, physicians, and temple administrators, were schooled. Later, when a syllabic script became more widespread, more of the Mesopotamian population became literate. Later still in Babylonian times there were libraries in most towns and temples; an old Sumerian proverb averred that "he who would excel in the school of the scribes must rise with the dawn.

Vocabularies, grammars, and interlinear translations were compiled for the use of students, as well as commentaries on the older texts and explanations of obscure words and phrases.

reading writing arithmetic images

Massive archives of texts were recovered from the archaeological contexts of Old Babylonian scribal schools, through which literacy was disseminated. The Epic of Gilgameshan epic poem from Ancient Mesopotamia is among the earliest known works of literary fiction. Ashurbanipal — c. His youthful scholarly pursuits included oil divination, mathematicsreading and writing as well as the usual horsemanshiphuntingchariotrysoldierliness, craftsmanshipand royal decorum.Jul 03,  · Varsity Tutors' Basic Arithmetic Android app offers powerful free tools for Basic Arithmetic including full-length diagnostic tests, flashcards, questions of the day, and more that can significantly aid you in your studying/5(52).

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Interactive activities teach math and arithmetic, reading, writing, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension. History looks to be a major subject for the coming school year as decades past influence fashion at almost every grade level. Back-to-school trends for guys and gals mirror what's hot on the.

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reading writing arithmetic images

The schools were attended by students representative of all classes of society.

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