Music in bubble writing alphabet

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Music in bubble writing alphabet

It may also be made using a refreshable braille display. Extensions[ change change source ] The six bit braille code is very limited, it only allows 64 different possible combinations. This means that many things need more than one braille character to be coded.

One example for this is how numbers are coded in English braille: First there is a symbol that says the next symbol is a number, and then there is the symbol for the number. The symbol for number is usually given only once; every symbol that follows is treated as a number, until there is a space.

Braille has been extended to an 8 dot code, particularly for use with braille embossers and refreshable braille displays. In 8 dot braille the added dots are added at the bottom of the cell, giving a cell 4 dots high by 2 dots wide.

The additional dots are called 7 for the lower-left dot and 8 for the lower-right dot. All the printable ASCII characters can be represented in a single cell, and all possible combinations of 8 bits are encoded by the Unicode standard.

Grade 1 braille[ change change source ] Braille Writer Braille on a packet of drugs. Braille book and the same book in common letters It is possible to transcribe braille by replacing each letter with the braille code for the letter. This is usually known as Grade 1 Braille.

Grade 1 braille is mostly used by beginners. The basic problem of Grade 1 braille is that braille letters are much larger than printed ones. This means a book would need to be very thick compared to a standard printed book.

Grade 2 braille[ change change source ] For this reason almost all English braille books use a transcription known as Grade 2 braille. Grade 2 braille uses contractions, which allows to save space and increase reading speed.

Grade 2 braille was developed by linguists people who study languageswho also looked at customsstyles and practices. Transcribing a text into Grade 2 braille is difficult, and the people doing the transcription need to have a special education.

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In Englishthere are 23 words which are replaced with a single letter. That way, the word but is contracted shortened to the single letter b, can to c, do to d, and so on. Even this simple rule has exceptions and special cases, which must be thought of. As an example, only the verb to do is replaced by d, the noun do which stands for a note in music is a different word, and is written in full.

Sometimes, part of words are contracted, and a character can mean different things in different parts of a word. There are many rules for this process.

music in bubble writing alphabet

For example, the character with dots the letter "f" lowered in the braille cell stands for "ff" when used in the middle of a word. At the beginning of a word, this same character stands for the word "to" although the character is written in braille with no space following it.

At the end of a word, the same character represents an exclamation point. The contraction rules cannot be used when it would make a problem with a prefix or suffix on the word.

Also, some rules are flexible and may depend on the situation. So when the rules permit the same word to be written in more than one way, preference is given to "the contraction that is closer to the correct pronunciation.

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It is almost like a shorthand. It is rarely used for books, but people use it to be able to write and read fast, for themselves. It can be used for taking notes. Grade 4 braille[ change change source ] Only very few people can use grade 4 braille. It uses many rules to shorten grade 3 even further.

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music in bubble writing alphabet

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