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His avatar is human. The only difference in appearance between in-game and reality is the clothes he wears.

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Names[ edit ] While shahe fen and he fen are transliterations based on Mandarinthere are numerous other transliterations based on Cantonesewhich include ho fun, hofoen a Dutch transliteration in Surinamehor fun, sar hor fun, etc.

However, shahe fen and kway teow are strictly and technically not Mr fen same the latter being essentially ricecakes sliced into strips and the Min Nans in general still consciously make a distinction between shahe fen and kway teow in their speech. In contrast, guotiao or kuay teow is dense, and less absorbent and contains a higher level of starch and is more impermeable to absorbing flavours, thus the latter has to be soaked for a longer period of time in the dish preparation usually for a day or more, or it is soaked in water first for a long time before it is fried and is "char kway teow".

The taste, texture, flavour, ingredients, length, thickness, width, style, density are very different for the Chinese and Asian tastebuds but most foreigners may not be able to tell the difference immediately. Kway Teow has a different origin, from Northeast instead of Central China, and is a modification of the Guo or the Kway making process, the ancient preservation of rice as a starch-filled cake patty, of which the Korean rice strips is one of its descendants, as it was brought as a recipe from China to Chosen Dynasty when the Emperor of China during the Ming Dynasty took the Korean Princess as one of her concubines, this recipe was gifted to the people of Choseon as a betrothal gift to the Korean people.

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In Hokkien Fujian of China, this Kuay went through many influences by the Cantonese version of the shahe hefun. Cantonese culture from the 17th century onwards was thought of as the dominant culture of civilization and culture, of wealth, excess and sophistication, so the ancient Kway underwent modification to become similar to the Standard Cantonese Hor Fun.

However, these two strains were spread to Southeast Asia and the world differently, thus they are presented differently in different dishes. Good Chinese restaurants do not mix up or confuse the two, but regular mall versions of Chinese takeout often confuse the two.

Original ricecakes or its strips are very stiff in texture even after cookingmaking them unpopular with modern consumers. The other noodle confused by the Westerns is the "nee tai mak" which is like the Hor Fun and the Bee Hoon combined with Milanese pasta.

These noodles are called guay tiew sen yai Thai: Origin[ edit ] Sliced fish hor fun sold in Bukit BatokSingapore Shahe fen is believed to have originated in the town of Shahe Chinese: Shahe fen is typical of southern Chinese cuisine, although similar noodles are also prepared and enjoyed in nearby Southeast Asian nations such as VietnamThailandCambodiaPhilippinesMalaysiaIndonesia and Singaporeall of which have sizeable Chinese populations.

Types[ edit ] Wide shahe fen stir-fried with soy sauce Shahe fen noodles are white in color, broad, and somewhat slippery.

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Their texture is elastic and a bit chewy. They do not freeze or dry well and are thus generally where available purchased fresh, in strips or sheets that may be cut to the desired width. Where fresh noodles are not available, they may also be purchased packaged in dried form, in various widths.

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The popular Thai dishes phat si-io and drunken noodles are also made with similar noodles. While chao fen is a transliteration of Mandarin, chow fun from Cantonese is the name to which this dish is most often referred in Chinese restaurants in North America.Reifenhauser India is renowned flexible food packaging machine supplier, we are reputed packaging machines manufacturer.

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