Jet copies case problems

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Jet copies case problems

Is the JetLegend F and the T skymaster copies as well? Just curious because I thought the F was pretty new and how would they have the tooling for it? Airpac, since you asked the questions, I figured I would answer them from my viewpoint as an untrusting consumer playing Devil's advocate.

I don't have anything to do with Skymaster or JetLegend Until documentation is presented we all have to use our best judgements as to what is the truth.

Jet copies case problems

Unfortunately I don't see anything regarding the issue being out in the open to the public. AirPac Models Rumors claim that the reason that Spark is selling the planes is that Skymaster failed to pay them for the planes in order to compensate for their losses. If you use your common sense, you will figure out that this makes no sense.

I have a few points for you to think about. If Spark already produced the planes in which they claim we did not pick up, why would they not only have a ARF form, but also Kit? All of Skymaster products are only ARFs. Obviously, these were not the ones we ordered. HMMM If it were my company and Skymaster stopped paying their bills I surely wouldn't have my staff working to complete projects that are not going to be paid for by Skymaster.

As many people we recall, we had a lot of planes out of stock and on back order earlier this year. We discontinued ordering from Spark earlier this year. If we have so many back orders, why would we not pick these planes up and make a profit?

If they claim that Skymaster failed to pay for these planes, why are they not making efforts to collect the payment legally or physically. We have already hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit against Spark for illegally using our designs.

Considering the length of time since those models were introduced by Skymaster until the Jetlegend sale it seems they have been sitting around and probably trying to get their money out of Skymaster for that length of time if that was true. I don't know about the Chinese legal system but for all the copying that goes on there I doubt it is as serious an issue in court as in the U.

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The rumor also claims that Skymaster has financial problems. Even recently, we just had a couple of new planes introduced to the market. If we have financial problems and were unable to pay Spark, where would Skymaster find the funds to develop new planes? We did have our products OEMed from Spark over a year from t0 which means we provided the design and they manufactured the products for us.

This is the reason we decided to manufacture on our own, is to maintain our quality standards.Mar 25,  · Jet Direct Funding contacted me a year ago with an offer to help in a loan modification.

The person was very professional and convincing. The big selling point was that if they couldn't obtain the modification all but $ of your up front investment would be refunded.

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Assignment #1: JET Copies Case Problem Strayer University MAT Quantitative Methods October 29, JET Copies is a company designed to alleviate a longer commute and longer wait time, and possibly have a more cost efficient method for the college students to make copies. the case of the fighter-jet program, the intruders were able to copy and siphon off several terabytes of data related to design and electronics systems, officials .

Oct 05,  · Brandon If you do a search you'll find that there has been a heated discussion on RCU.

Jet copies case problems

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