Hygiene in kitchen

Here are a few tips for keeping the kitchen a safe place to prepare food. If you only remember one thing when in a kitchen remember this……. Germs spread very easily between our hands and food so having a clean pair of hands before engaging in any food prep or cooking is essential. Washing your hands properly when touching raw meat, after going to the toilet and after using the bin can significantly help to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria such as E.

Hygiene in kitchen

Kitchen Hygiene and How to Cook Cleanly posted in Around the Kitchen by Kathy Maister previous next One of my major pet peeves is seeing someone cook while wearing jewellery.

Why anyone would for example mix ingredients with their hands, without first removing their rings, is totally beyond me! Your jewellery may be beautiful, but the microscopic germs lurking on and under its surfaces could put you out of action for days!

Clean kitchen surfaces after every stage of preparing your recipe. Raw meatpoultry, fish, eggs and many other raw foods are the most common sources of germs, but they can easily cross-contaminate other foods.

Hygiene in kitchen

After handling these foods, always wash your handsutensils and surfaces thoroughly before you touch anything else. One important way of stopping cross-infection is to make sure that you always use a different chopping-board for your raw meat and everything else. If you keep one for raw meat and fish, and another for all your other chopping, you will be making a major contribution to your health and kitchen safety.

After use, wash all your dishes and utensils with hot water and dish washing liquid. Change the water regularly, then rinse in clean, hot water.

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When possible, leave every thing to drain until dry. Use paper towels whenever possible, if you can afford to buy them. Dish towels can be a source of cross-contamination so use them sparingly and change them regularly.

Be sure to wash them in a hot-wash cycle. This is a good start on Kitchen Hygiene. If you are new to startcooking, or are a regular visitor here, please consider subscribing for free.In medicine, the hygiene hypothesis states a lack of early childhood exposure to infectious agents, symbiotic microorganisms (such as the gut flora or probiotics), and parasites increases susceptibility to allergic diseases by suppressing the natural development of the immune leslutinsduphoenix.com particular, the lack of exposure is thought to lead to defects in the establishment of immune tolerance.

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