Gau mutra business plan

Comment Table of Contents. Why it should be so appealing to the Western mind is an interesting question.

Gau mutra business plan

Rati Hegde August 10, In the Ramayana, when Lakshmana lies down unconscious, Hanuman gets the Sanjivini plant to revive Lakshmana, and saves his life. Hanuman is Rama Dasa. While alive during Kaliyug, we can get our sorrows mitigated by doing service to GouMata on this Bhoomi itself.

Is " gomutra " cows urine a good medicine for diabetes and obesity? Update Cancel. you can afford with a free online quote. Find out how much you could save with a fast & free online quote. Get the right plan for your needs. Get Quote at Need to solve your small business funding problems? Annual revenue of $50k could. MP polls: BJP promises 10 lakh jobs, women empowerment. Drishti Patra's focus is clearly on 'vikas' - this is what the CM told TOI in an interview on Friday - rather than Ram Van Gaman Path or gau-mutra commerce that Congress is championing as part of its 'soft Hindutva' strategy. Feb 11,  · A business plan is an essential roadmap for business success. A business plan provides direction, keeps you on track and is usually a requirement when you seek finance. A business plan is a formal grid map of all of your business goals, and plans on how to achieve them.

Just going to any Goushala, playing with the calves, massaging the cows, cleaning the cowsheds, all this gives us unlimited peace. Gou Mutra, taken as a medicine, is no less than Sanjivini.

gau mutra business plan

But the unfortunate truth is that protecting the Holy Cow today is being equated to the vile act of lynching. Shree RamachandraPura Matha, Karnataka has always been in the forefront of saving GouMata, in a completely non-violent way.

Concessional lands to Patanjali - How Reuters used conjectures and half truths to build a narrative

Through this campaign, volunteers of the ShreeMatha go from house to house to make people aware about the Bos Indicus Bharatiya Breed of Cows and convince them to save them from extinction, by signing a petition to Ban Cow Slaughter.

Presently only about 36 breeds of Indigenous cattle survive in Bharat, from a total of over 70 breeds originally.

It is to the credit of the volunteers that more than 3,00, people have signed the Petition to save the Cows from Slaughter. Readers will be happy to know that people of all religions have signed the Petition, since people do understand that GouMata is more valuable to us when she is happily ALIVE.

Earlier these fairs involved only farmers. But presently, it is the Butchers who rule the trade. They either pay more to buy the cattle or they threaten the farmers to sell it to them.

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For example, at the annual Jathra at Andiyur temple in Tamil Nadu, a cow fair is organised every year as part of this Jathra. Unfortunately now all the buyers are butchers. It is really disgusting to note that the Jathra is turning to be a wholesale market for cows where butchers buy them in bulk.

To counter this, the ShreeMatha is organising Abhaya Jathras to buy such cows. A similar campaign is going on in various places in Karnataka also — at Malemahadeshwara and other places. What people do not understand is that once the cattle reach the butchers, we will lose them forever.

Today China has imported cattle from Australia and New Zealand and is into cattle rearing in a big way — the only problem is that they have turned this into a milk and beef business. Also, what the poor farmers do not understand is that by selling their cattle at a cheap rate and repurchasing them at a later date, at a higher rate, they are getting into a debt trap.

What ShreeMatha is also doing is offering to help farmers by looking after the cattle for the lean months, only to return them to the farmers when they need the cattle back — a sort of a Gou Bank. As expected, the Volunteers of ShreeMatha are facing problems of threats and huge expenditure.

As of now, more than cattle have been saved by the ShreeMatha, but at the average cost of Rs. To cover all these expenses, the ShreeMatha has been requesting people to donate generously with a large heart.

Almost every Hindu wishes to save cows and bulls in a non-violent way. Gou Sanjivini is the best way to participate in this noble initiative of saving cows by directly protecting them from being sold to the butchers.

We would be helping our poor farmers too. Also note-worthy is the fact that the ShreeMatha will be looking after the cattle, feeding them and as and when required, distributing them to various Goushalas, Temples and poor farmers, for FREE.

All this involves huge expenditure and it is the duty of all to come forward and protect GouMata.

Make a donation and help pay for our journalism.He left everything and switched over to Haldi (turmeric) and Gau Mutra (cows urine) on the advise of a practitioner who proclaimed himself to be an AIDS specialist and was on the run to make money at the cost of people’s life.

Madhya Pradesh Congress President Kamal Nath (centre) with MPs Jyotiraditya Scindia (left) and Digvijay Singh during the release of a manifesto for the upcoming Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, at PCC headquarters in Bhopal, Saturday. Related Posts.

Older News; Tesco chief joins business leaders in warning rebel Tories Daily Mail Online (Today) - Business chiefs will warn Tory plotters they are putting a 'wrecking ball' to the economy by failing to back Theresa May's Brexit plan as CBI said firms are 'watching on.

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Victory for disabled boy as Tesco launches nappies for older children. The writer wrote about Punyasiri to Ceylon Today highlighting his gradual improvement on 5 April , under the headline ‘Uropathy and Gau Mutra’; again on 1 August with two photographs comparing the difference in the healing progress within four months of Uropathy treatment.

Now Punyasiri is completely cured and happy. In what is seen as rural innovation for agriculture crops, a farmer from Gujarat’s Bhavnagar district is using his homemade mixture with ingredients ranging from asafoetida to gau mutra (cow.

For example, a few sentences from the report are quoted below – Ramdev’s business has boomed since the BJP took power. Revenues at his consumer goods enterprise are soaring – from about $ million in the financial year ending March to more than $ million in .

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