Essay on in life there is no gain without pain

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Peace without Pain Jacqueline R.

Essay on in life there is no gain without pain

Nihilism Do you believe that life does end, or may end, at death? Everyone who believes that death may be the end should read the following short essay.

It represents a serious attempt to help you recognize questions you probably already have on your mind. We will suggest that, whether they realize and admit it or not, anyone who does not believe in an "afterlife" may in fact be a "nihilist". We will be discussing the oxymoron that true Nihilists believe in "nothing".

We will also suggest that any use of the word Nihilism that includes active destruction of anything is an unjustified extension of the concepts underlying nihilism. We will suggest that while Nihilism does not condone negative acts, it is equally true that there are no logical grounds for what is often called "positive" nihilism, which is sometimes associated with Humanism and Rationalism.

In doing so we will be questioning the very foundation of the works of modern philosophers who argue that one may find or create "value" in a world without a life after death, a humanistic, nihilistic world.

There are many, many, sincere people who champion a rationalist, humanistic, worldview. They present convincing logical arguments that lead to the conclusion there is no life after death.

The goal of this essay is to present straightforward arguments for my conclusions. Most people start with what they believe to be a basic understanding of "nothing". Many secular thinkers embrace the idea that there is nothing after physical death, yet at some point in their lives experience angst when they recognize the logical consequences of what they believe.

They seek ways to avoid what they think they have discovered by redefining nihilism. I believe that this almost universal response to nihilism is misguided because of a fundamental misunderstanding of "nothing" as being like the Cheshire cat, not real yet not unreal.

We will discuss what I believe is the true nature of "nothing" and then suggest an appropriate response. Nihilism should equate to "nothing", yet it is most often associated with a belief system characterized by an enthusiastic mental animation of what we might call nothingness.

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Most philosophers recognize the ultimate simplicity of nihilism, yet almost every intellectual faced with nihilistic thoughts refuses to resist the human urge to literally make something out of nothing. Human nature instinctively fights against any suggestion that absolutely nothing may be in our future.

Before proceeding I should say that I am not a nihilist. I am a theist who believes that our past, present, and future have meaning and purpose. If you find the conclusions of this book troubling then please read the other books before deciding for yourself what you choose to believe.

This essay is a collection of thoughts about Nihilism. It is the culmination of a lifetime of observing sincere individuals struggling with the concepts and consequences of nihilistic thoughts.

Over the years it has varied in content, from a fairly long book to the current short essay, which is basically four chapters taken from our books.

It is primarily meant to introduce the discussion which is presented in the books. There is a risk that as you read this essay you may think we are suggesting that there is no "reason to live". That is not what we are saying at all! In fact we are saying the opposite, we have abundant hope that if you search within, you will find in yourself the reason for living.

If you are discouraged or depressed, please finish reading all of this essay and then read our other books. Anyone who is, or becomes, seriously depressed should always seek immediate medical help.

If in fact you do exercise meaningful freedom of choice, what good is it to be a unique human being if at your death you cease to exist? If you do not continue to exist in some form after death, what good are all the experiences, decisions, triumphs, defeats, all the moments of your life?

If you do not survive the grave, if you return to the state of being that preceded your birth, then I suggest to you that nothing in fact does matter. If there is anything in life we can count on occurring without fail, it is physical death.

The successful bank president, the champion athlete, the homemaker, the famous, the unknown, every human being, you, die. While all acknowledge the certainty of their eventual demise, few think about death until they are faced with it.

The simple fact of death is not news to anyone, yet the reality of its impending occurrence is ignored by virtually every living person.

Essay on in life there is no gain without pain

The very nature of human life denies death and shrouds it in the cloak of future events, events that are not yet real and do not need to be dealt with in the present. Living is too important and time consuming to be concerned with mortality. The fact that you are moving steadily toward your death is most likely, and literally, to be the last thing on your mind.

Observing the inevitable death of every creature that inhabits the earth, we may have a recurrent feeling that death is the end. On the other hand, it is virtually inconceivable to us that all we are, all we have been, all we will be, may be rendered void in that moment of death.

It goes against human nature to visualize the effective destruction of our past, present, and future, which may accompany death without existence beyond death.An essay unit plan to write a critical essay on no definite career plans, and disadvantage of being humble, essays for class 7.

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So to sum everything up, there is no change without pain. As people live life, there is constant change whether it’s wanted or not, and the process may be extremely painful. And the end result may not even be what one desired. Free Essay: No Pain, No Gain Moving into another state was harder than what I thought.

Words Oct 24th, 6 Pages. No Pain, No Gain Moving into another state was harder than what I thought. evidence of a cardiac, plueretic or musculoskeletal event (Acute Coronary Care Clinical care standards ).

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Chest pain is posed as life. Apr 27,  · "I don't accept the maxim 'there's no gain without pain', physical or emotional. I believe it is possible to develop and grow with joy rather than grief. However, when the pain comes my way.

There are questions that arise when talking about this subject such as, can you have a meaningful life without being religious? Or is there life after death?

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The answer to these questions may differ from person to a person. essay on the Paine/ Burke Dichotomy. EnjoyThis paper examines the ideological conflict between Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke regarding the French and American Revolutions.

It is divided into f. Read the essay free on Booksie.

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