Electricity and fuel sources essay

Fossil fuel is a term used to describe a group of energy sources that were formed when ancient plants and organisms were subject to intense heat and pressure over millions of years. At that time, the land was covered with swamps filled with microorganisms, marine organisms, trees, ferns and other large leafy plants. As the organisms and plants died, they sank to the bottom of the swamps and oceans and formed layers of a spongy material called peat.

Electricity and fuel sources essay

Electricity is the greatest gift of science to mankind. We have reached a point of our civilization when electricity is used for all purposes. Without it, our existence will be impossible.

Electricity is a source of energy. It is produced by a battery or a coil of wires or by dynamo machine. It is produced in thermal station and also in hydro-project. There are various wonders of electricity. The most important of all is electric fan and electric light. These two things have improved our living standard and also efficiency of work.

Our houses, roads, offices and shops are lighted. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to work in an office where there is no light and fan.

Students read comfortably in a room which is properly furnished with electric light and fan. Fan is not a luxurious thing. It is necessary to fight heat during summer. Electricity is essential to operate fan in summer and electric heater in winter.


In cold winter, electric heaters warm our rooms. Electricity is a means of communication. Telegraph and telegram device is based on electricity. It is easy send messages to distant places.

Telephone also functions due to electricity. Due to this facility, the world has become a familiar place for all. Fax-machine is the latest development. Thus, communication is possible due to electricity. Elect has enabled us to conquer time and space. After the invention of electricity there has been improvement in railways.

Previously, the railway trains i steam engines. At present, electric trains are used in all countries. Electricity is of vital use in industries and factories, electricity no factory can run. Now-a-days, everything is done by electricity.

We use grinder-mixture, refrigerators, washing machine and other home appliances at our home. But without electricity these things can not function.

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Radio and television are gifts of electricity. Cinema is impossible without it. The most important wonder of electricity is felt in the field of medical science. This is possible due to electricity only.

Electricity and fuel sources essay

Lunacy and mental disorder can be cured through electric shocks to the patients.Energy related problems are not new. The energy related problems are as old as years ago.

The early Romans and Greeks faced fuel shortage as wood was their primary source of energy. Energy has turned into a to a great degree interesting issue for Americans in the course of the last couple of years, with explanations behind our energy concerns going .

Read the introduction and first paragraph of an essay about energy sources. (1) The nation's energy use is largely dependent on fossil fuels. (2) These fuels are . Feb 28,  · Alternative Energy Sources Essay; Alternative Energy Sources Essay. Using Alternative Energy Sources in the United States Introduction This report aims to explore the views of those who support nuclear energy as a source of electricity and those who oppose it.

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Alternative Sources of Fuel and Energy Energy is the foundation of. There are two types of energy sources; renewable energy sources and nonrenewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources refer to the kinds that are naturally replenished. These include sunlight, the wind, ocean tides, waves, geothermal heat and rain (Tiwari et al., ).

Free Essay: Introduction Electricity is generated by the use of energy. Before going further, it will be necessary to talk briefly on what energy is all.

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