Aqa food anthology compare two texts

For example, a fashion blog may want to entertain, as well as inform and advise.

Aqa food anthology compare two texts

Depends on the way the reader receives it. The poet most likely has used this as a negative connotation. The speaker clearly comes from an upper class family and does not seem to enjoy her experiences. The speaker feels alienated whilst eating out. The speaker seems to be having a conversation with himself, perhaps because he is lonely and over thinking.

The speaker does not seem at all phased by this. It has been said is a very matter-of-fact manner.

Aqa food anthology compare two texts

This helps the reader to imagine the way the speaker is talking. This description could also be seen as childish, so perhaps the speaker is a child. There is a great amount of juxtaposition between the Caribbean and London and, although Berry is celebrating his Caribbean roots, he seems to be sad to have left it for the dull city of London.

Again, plosives have been used. The poet uses religious reference and terminology when writing - perhaps to emphasise the godliness and heavenly connotations linked with foods such as chocolate. It lists the ingredients to make soup in a very clever, rhythmical way. He clearly believes that everyone should maintain a healthy lifestyle and to do so, red meat is an important factor.

He is very passionate about the matter. This phrase is an attempt at humour. The fact that the beef has been personified shows that Torode thinks a lot of it. To add, the alliteration makes this catchy, rememberable and engages the reader even further.

It is a sophisticated text which shows a tone of authority. There are points to make which make tripe sound negative, yet plenty to also suggest that it is positive. With links to Paul McCartney, the article is appealing. Also, the simple layout and use of imperatives is persuasive to the reader.

It makes the reader feel important as it seems to have a direct address - aimed specifically at the reader. Their opinions have cleverly been constructed to seem almost factual.

The reader is almost forced to agree with the opinion of the critics. The interesting layout and images used within this text makes it appealing and easy to skim read as many readers do when reading a magazine!

Norman creates a persona for himself - he is very well known for his persona to many guardian readers - he seems to have a cynical approach. This idea mocks the restaurant. The lexis used is mainly simplistic, yet detail has been used on specific meals to add detail on what it actually is.

This text is serious, laid out in list form, with the use of numbering and lettering order to make it easier to take in.

Accommodation advice Getting started What the specification asks for What the examiners asked for in Getting started Below are some quite challenging and technical methods of using language to study literary texts - but you might like to start with some simple guides.
Accommodation home and forums Getting started What the specification asks for What the examiners asked for in Getting started Below are some quite challenging and technical methods of using language to study literary texts - but you might like to start with some simple guides.

This text is not intended for an audience - only those who own a food business operator. Therefore, the lexis chosen is specifically instructional, and not intended to entertain in any way. Layout - instructional - numbers and letters e.Paper two builds on this with two linked texts on the same topic.

The focus will simply be on what the texts are about and how they are written and won’t require any . It has links to detailed studies of the texts in Section 1 and Section 2 of the AQA Anthology, which is a set text for Unit 1 of the AQA's GCE Specification B for English .

Compare two texts from the Anthology, which present different views about what we should eat. Text 9 is a newspaper article by John Torode on ‘Why we should all eat red meat’ that vibrantly explores the issue of eating red meat and with a ‘meat lover’ perspective fighting a passionate argument against the ‘bad boy of British culture’ reputation meat has.

John Torode is a well-known. Comparing involves directly linking texts through their similarities and differences. It is important to move equally between the two texts, and write about them together, not separately.

Aqa food anthology compare two texts

The AQA Anthology of Modern Short Stories. 2. 3 Chemistry my father, so Grandfather could see in the two of us a vestige of my grandmother. You see, he liked his food. Mother rose slowly and gathered our plates. She looked at me and said, 'Come and help'. Compare and contrast the ways in which Elizabeth Gaskell and Henrik Ibsen present the relationships between Margaret Hale and John Thornton in North and South () and Nora and Torvald Helmer in A Doll’s House ()..

Examine the view that in both texts, ‘the personal is political’.

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