An analysis of plan of attack by journalist bob woodward

Bush, his war council, and allies launched a preemptive attack to topple Saddam Hussein and occupy Iraq. Based on interviews with 75 key participants and more than three and a half hours of exclusive interviews with President Bush, Plan of Attack is part presidential history charting the decisions made during 16 critical months; part military history revealing precise details and the evolution of the Top Secret war planning under the restricted codeword Polo Step; and part a harrowing spy story as the CIA dispatches a covert paramilitary team into northern Iraq six months before the start of the war. What emerges are astonishingly intimate portraits:

An analysis of plan of attack by journalist bob woodward

Jan 29, Barbara rated it really liked it I have read 3 of the books this author wrote about Pres Bush and the Iraq War. I was thirsty for any insight for what may have been going on in Bush's mind during this period.

As might be expected, there was some overlap between the 2 books. Woodward to be open minded and even respectful as he began these books but could sense his feelings of frustration and unbelief as more and more revelations came out.

I too felt frustration and disbelief.

An analysis of plan of attack by journalist bob woodward

Could this Bush person who I voted for twice possibly be so arrogant, delusional and negligent in his duties to the people of this country?

I think the author made his case for me, sadly. This book specifically outlines the specious and spurious plan theory that Saddam Hussein not only had something to do with the Sept. Let's face it, part of it was Hussein's own fault, because he wanted to play coy with the other Middle Eastern countries and pretend he had nukes to keep them in line.

An analysis of plan of attack by journalist bob woodward

What struck me most about this book, however -- told in a very straightforward, largely objective manner -- is the way that President Dick Cheney and his figurehead George W.

Dick Cheney clearly had a hard-on for Saddam since the first Gulf War, and would do anything to shoehorn a quick war into his schedule.

See a Problem?

Colin Powell is one of the only voices of dissent and reason in the entire thing, and he is roundly mocked for it by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and the other clowns who needlessly cost thousands of American lives.

And yet, even he is not held harmless in this tale, because despite his conscience, he capitulated to the Neo-cons eventually anyway, ruining his career and his own credibility.

The book ends right as the Cheney Administration starts realizing how badly they fucked up the war, and it ends with a kind of unintentional cliff-hanger: It's a fascinating book about groupthink and the perils that follow it.

As I read the book, I was alternately angered and saddened that our leaders could be involved in the tragedy that has been the Iraq war.

Book Reviews - Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward is usually attacked as a shill for the left, maybe rightly so, but after reading "The Agenda" about Clinton's first year in the White House, it is difficult for me to see him as other than a reporter of the facts - you know, "We report, you decide.

There seems to be no push for similar plans for North Korea, Libya, Iran, Venezuela or any place else. The failure of the CIA to get good information is clearly pointed out. But the real problem is the overselling of the poor information and the bandwagon approach to grasping at very subjective information concerning Iraq's WMD and ties to al-Quaeda.

In other words, I have to agree with war critics that say we should never have gone to war in the first place. I have been continually told that congressional leaders had access to the same intelligence that the president had seen and therefore the war was justified.

There at least four instances cited in the book where those leaders questioned what was being presented to them, and with good reason. In my opinion, every American who can stand the language should read this book.Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward pp, Simon & Schuster, £ We have Lord Hutton, the Americans have Bob Woodward.

Both get the people who count to talk. Full Biography. Bob Woodward is an Plan of Attack. Woodward’s Bush second book, In , Albert Hunt of The Wall Street Journal called Woodward “the most celebrated journalist of our age.” In , Bob Schieffer of CBS News said, “Woodward has established himself as .

Sep 05,  · Perino said that something about the release of the op-ed is suspicious, given that it was published just a day after excerpts of veteran journalist Bob . Plan of Attack is the definitive account of how and why President George W.

Bush, his war council, and allies launched a preemptive attack to topple Saddam Hussein and occupy Iraq. Bob Woodward's latest landmark account of Washington decision making provides an original, authoritative narrative of behind-the-scenes maneuvering over two years, examining the causes and consequences of the most /5(10).

Woodward follows “Bush at War” with “ Plan of Attack,” providing an inside perspective on how and why the Bush administration went to war with Iraq.

It later becomes known that one of his background interviews in June for “Plan of Attack” was with then-Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, who first leaked to Woodward the. Fresh insights into Donald Trump’s presidency have been revealed in an explosive new book by veteran journalist Bob Woodward.

After a chemical attack in Syria in April , Mr Trump phoned.

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