A model for critical thinking within the context of curriculum as praxis

Open Access funded by Korean Society of Nursing Science Under a Creative Commons license Summary Purpose Given the wide disagreement over the definition of critical thinking in different disciplines, defining and standardizing the concept according to the discipline of nursing is essential. Moreover, there is limited scientific evidence regarding critical thinking in the context of nursing in Iran.

A model for critical thinking within the context of curriculum as praxis

Learning to think things through: A guide to critical thinking across the curriculum. Upper Saddle River, N. Miniature guide to critical thinking: Foundation for Critical Thinking.

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Example of Practice Discipline: Computer Networking Learning goal: Students are required to research an article related to breaches in network security and report their results for discussion during class. Without the Activity With the Activity Students typically write a paragraph or so analyzing an article of their choice related to the stated prompt.

During class discussions they may have trouble separating out the author's facts, assumptions, conclusions, implications, etc. Students are required to use the following procedure for reviewing their articles. The review document is available in several formats: Faculty members can choose to use an abbreviated list of items for students to focus on while reviewing articles, news, or other multimedia content.

For example, the students may be required to focus on identifying the main idea purposethe assumptions, and the inferences. Example of practice in one's discipline Design a Paul-Elder based activity example from one's area of choice or expertise, clearly showing how it can be used for improving learning.


Specify the discipline or subject. State what the participants are learning the problem, goal, or concept, etc. Summarize the typical way in which the topic is presented or covered and, optionally, any associated shortcomings.

Provide the modified way in which the topic is to be covered and, optionally, how it improves learning. Example of Practice blank area for jotting down ideas on paper Self-Assessment Quiz Answers to Quiz Position mouse no need to click over the top portion of the black colored box below to reveal the correct quiz answers under it.

Navigation within Overview Module:Curriculum as Praxis 3 This paper presents a critical policy analysis that focuses on Singapore as a knowledge society considering its general education and technical education and training systems.

Critical thinking is an important outcome criterion of higher education in any discipline including nursing.

Using the Elements and Standards To Analyze a Problem

If nursing programs envisaged preparing graduates who are equipped with critical thinking, then the educators who plan and deliver the programs must exhibit higher level thinking in their teaching practices. Key words that guided my study were: curriculum, praxis, critical theory, self-reflection, action, classroom assessment, assessment for learning, assessment of learning, assessment as learning, Higher Education context, participatory action research and critical discourse analysis.

A model for critical thinking within the context of curriculum as praxis

Ford and Profetto-McGrath () outlined a model for CT within the context of curriculum as praxis. Praxis is a form of action and reflection, which changes both the world and one's understanding.

Elements of Thought (reasoning)

In other words, they are arguing that a product model of curriculum is not compatible with the emphasis on process and praxis within informal education.

However, process and praxis models of curriculum also present problems in the context of informal education. Chapters on: three fundamental human interests (after Habermas); curriculum as product; teachers as curriculum makers; curriculum as practice; practical curriculum development; curriculum as praxis; critical curriculum practice; developing curriculum praxis; curriculum praxis and teachers’ work.

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