A comparison of the features of cable modem and dsl services

Verizon Fios Fiber vs. This is quite understandable because most users are only concerned about the end result. The truth is that while all can provide you with high-speed capabilities, these services are very distinct and their differences could be the determining factor in which type of internet access you choose.

A comparison of the features of cable modem and dsl services

In short, your router creates a network between the computers in your home, while your modem connects that network—and thus the computers on it—to the internet. So why bother to understand the difference?

A router connects multiple networks and routes network traffic between them. In the case of your home network, your router has one connection to the Internet and one connection to your private local network.

The Best DSL Internet

In addition, most routers also contain built-in switches that let you connect multiple wired devices. Many also contain wireless radios that let you connect Wi-Fi devices. The simple way to think about routers—especially on your home network—is like this.

The router sits in between your Internet connection and your local network. It lets you connect multiple devices to the Internet through one physical Internet connection and also lets those devices communicate with one another over the local network.

In addition, the router offers some protection to your devices over being exposed directly to the Internet.

The router keeps track of what traffic goes to which actual device on your network. Instead, your router must be plugged into a device that can transmit your digital traffic over whatever type of Internet connection you have.

And that device is a modem. What a Modem Does Your modem serves as a bridge between your local network and the Internet. Modems were used to modulate the signals on telephone lines so that digital information could be encoded and transmitted over them and then demodulated—and decoded—on the other end.

A comparison of the features of cable modem and dsl services

How a modem attaches to your network depends on the type of connection you have. That device has the electronics and software in it to provide both functions, acting as a modem that communicates with your ISP and functioning as a router to create a home network.

While a combined unit has its attractions—just having one device cluttering up your office being one—there are also disadvantages. And using your own devices instead of the ones your ISP provides can save you some money.

Rather than renting your modem from your Internet service provider, you can buy your own and hook it up. You can then return the original modem to your ISP and remove that fee from your monthly bill.

Yes, it will cost you some money up front. But that typically adds up to somewhere between 6 and 10 months of monthly device rental fees. The router your ISP provides may not have the latest technologies like This device is one of the best modem router combos because it is universally compatible with most major cable providers.

This product is approved by most major cable companies, as well. It is a highly compatible device that works with Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linus. Zoom DOCSIS Cable Modem J Pros: A solid choice for its generous download and upload speeds - not to mention connectivity to newer and older Windows and Mac computers.

Cons: The ultra-bright LED lights, which brighten up any room at night, can be a bit annoying. A business in which several (say, ten or more) employees are concurrently using the Internet should probably examine the business services branch of the DSL or cable provider.

These cost more than the residential versions but they also give you additional services, such as more e-mail accounts. The Wireless N ADSL2 Modem Router is a versatile, high-performance remote router for the home and small office. With integrated ADSL2/2+ supporting up to 24Mbps download speeds, firewall protection, Quality of Service (QoS), n wireless LAN and .

Finding the best DSL internet probably won’t involve any shopping around.

A comparison of the features of cable modem and dsl services

The vast majority of people only have one provider that covers their area, and the speeds available to . Learn more and explore all the features of this integrated DOCSIS cable modem and N WiFi router What´s DOCSIS ?

DOCSIS is the next generation of Data Over Cable Services Interface Specification (DOCSIS), an international standard that lets cable operators deliver significantly faster data speeds to your home.

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